Hello Staycation! Unique and Local Holiday Destinations for Summer

If you want to relax and de-stress, you don’t need to travel far. In fact, some people find going on holiday stressful in and of itself. Having to plan a vacation, rushing to the airport and packing your suitcase can all cause tension. When you have a staycation, there’s no stress and you can experience that wonderful vacation feeling in your own country.


Try these restaurants for the most delicious dishes

Wandering the streets of Oslo looking for a place to eat? Try organic vegan café Funky Fresh Food for the most delicious healthy dishes. This restaurant makes meals featuring sustainable ingredients and is specialised in creating gluten-free and sugar-free dishes. Amazed by the food you tasted? This restaurant also offers cooking classes, so you can make these delicious recipes in your own kitchen.

Or try Nord Vegan. This restaurant is led by award-winning chef Reuben Waller. The dishes are eco-friendly and healthy, and you can enjoy them to the fullest on long summer evenings.


Sleep in the nature of Norway

Want to escape and slow down? The the Seacabins have you covered. It’s located on the sea, providing a beautiful view over the mountains and the water from the comfort of your bed. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try hiking or diving here as well.  


Or book a stay at the Juvet landscape Hotel, where you can take in the unspoiled Norwegian nature. The rooms give a unique perspective on the beautiful landscape. Enjoy the delicious food in the old barns.


Visit the most beautiful places of Tromsø

In the mood for a city trip? Feel like a tourist in you own country and visit Tromsø. This city is not called ‘Paris of the North’ for nothing.  Start your day with a RIB-boat trip which begins in the city centre of Tromsø. During this trip you can enjoy the view of the city and you’ll stop at some small peninsulas nearby the city. Explore the Polaria Centre, the Polar Museum and the local Mach brewery, or even go whale watching.

Feeling adventurous? Take the cable car to the top of the Storsteinen. Here you can enjoy the amazing view over the city and the fjords. You can continue your adventure through the multiple hiking routes in the mountains.

Relax and unwind in the beautiful nature of Norway

Want to explore the mountains? Take a hiking trip to Jotumheimen National Park in the heart of Norway. This park has some of the prettiest and dramatic nature Norway has to offer. While hiking, you’ll come across high mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes.

Or visit Rondane National Park, the perfect place to experience the mountains and highlands of Norway. Also visit Høvringen or Grimsdalen--these are old farm villages where you can explore over 35 summer farms.

You won’t want to miss the tallest waterfall in Norway called ‘The Seven Sisters’, as well as numerous other waterfalls located at the Geirangerfjord.

Home is where your holiday is

You can also celebrate summer at home by introducing some new activities into your life.  Start gardening, take a mindfulness course or read one of the books featured in our summer reading list. Any of these things will give you that special holiday feeling from the comfort of your own home. And if you actually do end up traveling for a holiday, doing these things once you are back will help you hold onto that vacation feeling just a bit longer.