Recharge and renew: the 5 pillars of energy

The change of seasons offers an opportunity to pause, to reflect and to check in with yourself, inside and out. Come the spring, the wake-up call after the dark and short days of winter, take the time to boost and renew body, mind and soul. Recharge your energy levels and start afresh.


Spring is a time of renewal. Every spring day feels like the start of a new beginning. Every morning, you wake up with a new chance to reach your goals and follow your dreams. To help you build on that springtime sense of new beginnings, here are 5 key ways to boost your well-being with meaningful routines—from eating mindfully to practicing meditation. Because daily habits have the power to ground you, to energise you, to give you clarity and focus.


Sleep for your well-being

Sleep is a pivotal part of our well-being, both physically and mentally, and the recommended range of sleep is 7-9 hours. However, according to Sleep Cycle there is not one country in the world that manages to achieve 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis. Which is a shame, because a well-rested person is better able to sustain their energy levels during the day.


Recommended Routines

Sleeping well starts with what you do during the day.

  • Plan your day in advance and stick to a set sleep routine.
  • Slow down in the evening to prepare for sleep with a bedtime routine.
  • Create an optimal sleeping environment by banning bright lights and screens from the bedroom.
  • Evening yoga or meditation, or try these exercises to fall asleep.


Nutrition for energy

The first meal of the day is the most important meal of the day as it stabilises your blood sugar, can reduce cravings later in the day and give your body all it needs in terms of energy. However, there are foods out there that can rob you of your energy. For example, sugary items can induce a sugar rush and –as we all know –after the rise will come the fall and you’ll be even more tired than before. So, fuel up in the kitchen with energetic foods!


Recommended Routines

  • Eat mindfully – avoid sugar and too much caffeine, choose nutritious foods such as bananas, leafy greens and brown rice instead and drink plenty of green tea or water
  • Plan your weekly menu and keep a well-stocked fridge in order to make healthier choices
  • Spread your meals throughout the day for a balanced intake
  • Transform cooking into a fun mealtime prep


Meditate for your well-being

Life is busy. But, in the daily rush of our busy life you may find you’ve lost focus and are missing out on how you’re feeling and what you’re doing. Lots of activities can help you be more present in the moment, and meditation is number one on our list. Whether you’re preparing yourself for a hectic day or trying to unwind afterwards, aligning yourself with each inhalation and exhalation has the power to soothe you. Experience the beneficial effects meditation has on your brain and your well-being.


Recommended Routines

  • Meditate daily at a fixed time – reawaken your senses and disconnect from your personal sense of self, recharge via your source.
  • If you’re rushed for time, why not practice mindful meditation in the shower
  • Start practicing breathing exercises to calm your nerves and make you more alert


Active for energy

It might sound contradictory, but there may be no better way to clear your mind, reduce anxiety and jump-start your energy than by intentionally raising your heart rate through exercise. It literally creates energy in your body as you power up your mitochondria, the power generators of the body. So, abandon your sedentary habits and get moving!


Recommended Routines

  • Take at least 10,000 steps a day
  • Sun salutation – Yoga releases endorphins into the bloodstream which act as a natural mood enhancer and provides the body with energy
  • Practice yoga, go for a bike ride or take short walks with your colleagues
  • Mindful walking, be aware of every step you take, feel the ground from heel to toe 


Balance for more energy

It’s often easy to overlook just how important it is to keep our emotions balanced. Achieving emotional balance can amplify your overall well-being and improve your relationships. Pay attention to your emotions and deal with them. Don’t let them brew under the surface until they’ve become too consuming to handle. Try to enjoy the great ones and accept and process the less fun ones. They are there for a reason, and act as a driver for all our actions.


Recommended Routines