The Art of Soulful Living: What is positivity?

Our philosophy, The Art of Soulful Living is brought to life through our compass, that acts as a guide to personal wellbeing. This month, we are focusing on one of the 13 compass points: Positivity


Positivity is a very powerful emotion but it is not something that you can decide to do or feel in an instant; it often needs nurturing and continuous attention before it takes hold in your soul. When life experiences or even your personality are not on the rainbow spectrum by nature, you will need to put some effort in to turn it around and the secret to success is to be realistic about your expectations. 


Change your thoughts and you can change the world.

The life you are living right now, is real life; it is not a fairytale, you are not Cinderella or Prince Charming and your pumpkin will not turn into a Porsche overnight. Life will undoubtedly throw challenges and obstacles in your path, that is how life goes, but the key is how you respond and what you do? Will you be miserable and see your pumpkin go to waste, or will you choose to make a lovely soup and create a positive experience? You see, you always have a choice and that choice is yours alone. That decision of how you approach your life can direct you to negativity and misery and a downwards spiral or it can lead you, no matter what happens, onto a path of happiness and joy. 


Positivity: A deep dive 


This month, we explore why ‘toxic positivity’ is best avoided and how a few negative thoughts can help you feel more positive in the long-run.


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We explore the world of psychodermatology and how positivity could improve your complexion and even slow down skin ageing.


Through the power of affirmations, yoga teacher and writer Erica Jago guides you through a meditation for positivity.


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