Face the day with confidence: ancient tips for modern men

Well-tended bodies reflect strong spirits. If anyone understood that, it was the ancient samurai warriors. Their careful grooming traditions were aimed at creating a confident and powerful appearance to support them during battle. Here’s what the legendary Japanese samurai can teach the modern man about looking & feeling fresh no matter what the circumstances.


Looks matter. In fact, looks can win elections—remember the famous television debate between a healthy-looking John F. Kennedy and a pale, seemingly tired Richard Nixon back in 1960? Many attributed Kennedy’s super close victory to the vigour and confidence he radiated.


In a more distant past, the Japanese samurai warriors meticulously crafted an appearance of confidence and strength. From cleansing and shaving to sculpting an impeccable topknot, the samurai spent years mastering the art of perfect grooming. They knew all too well that first impressions matter—in everyday life as well as in battle.


The modern man faces his own daily battles and victories. But while juggling the pressures of everyday life in a world that moves at warp speed, it can be difficult to find the time for self-care practices that help prepare the body and mind for life’s challenges. The trick is not to spend hours in the bathroom or to slap on loads of different products, the ancient samurai teach us, but to develop a daily regimen that is simple yet powerful. Here’s how.



1. Never skip your morning routine

Showering and getting ready in the morning are often our first intentional acts of the day. That’s why your morning routine is so important—it’s when you bring your body and mind into a state of preparedness to conquer any challenge the day may bring. To start each day with confidence, build a morning routine and stick to it with samurai-like loyalty. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate or time-consuming practice. All you need is a few moments of undivided attention and some carefully formulated products that will help you jumpstart your day.


2. Cleanse, moisturise & protect

Research shows that most of our first impressions are based on faces. For a fresh face that sends a message of confidence and competence, it’s essential to cleanse, moisturise and protect your face every day. Wash your face twice daily, morning and evening, to rid the skin from dirt, impurities and clogged pores. Always moisturise after cleansing to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, and make sure to use a product specifically formulated for the eye area around your eyes. To strengthen the skin’s natural armour against the harmful effects of UV rays and pollution, apply a hydrating face cream with SPF before stepping out.


3. Tame & maintain your facial hair

From clean-shaven to a meticulous stubble or a full beard—however you groom your facial hair, do it with care, intent and the finest grooming products. Since few things can make a man look more refined than a close shave or a perfectly-groomed beard, mastering the art of shaving and grooming is key for any modern samurai.


4. Restore & recharge after a triumph in the gym

After returning triumphant from your battle in the gym or in the field, it’s important to allow your body and mind to restore. Treat yourself to a warm shower, a relaxing bath or a self-massage with invigorating post-workout products that leave your skin feeling recharged and energised.