How to make this mundane chore a mindful moment

A mountain of laundry to fold? Take advantage of this guided meditation that will help you make it relaxing and – dare we say it - enjoyable

Most of us have chores that we just can’t muster up any excitement for. While taking the bins out is something most of us want to get over and done with at lightning speed, other chores like folding laundry can become wonderfully meditative - truly!  


In this guided meditation, Deborah Quibell takes the mundane chore of folding laundry and turns it into a mindful moment. You see, anything can become meaningful with a little attention (well, besides those bins). Using the power of mindfulness and your breath, this meditation guides you to notice the colours and clean smells of the laundry, your mind-body connection and more to help you be present and relaxed whilst ticking something off your to-do list. Sounds good? Give it a try.  



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Deborah Quibell

Deborah Quibell

Profesjonell skribent, healer og lærer Deborah Anne Quibell tror lidenskapelig på å puste grunnleggende kunnskap fra vitenskapelige sysler inn i områdene yoga og åndelighet. Senior-instruktør ved Institute for Inner Studies, hun har en doktorgrad i dybdepsykologi og instruerer i Pranic Healing, i tillegg til yoga og meditasjon i studio-, bedrifts- og nettmiljøer.