A deep work playlist for those times when you really need to concentrate

Getting into a flow when working is a little like running... At first, pounding the pavements can feel tough, every part of your body willing you stop. And then, without noticing, you get into ‘the zone’, you’re running but you don’t really notice. It’s as if you’ve reached a truly meditative state, as if your body and brain are simultaneously working together but also apart.


Just like running, you can also get into ‘the zone’ when you’re working, and music is your ticket to this altered state where you can truly concentrate and get good work done. Researchers know that music has a powerful effect on our brains, it has the power to shift our mental state whether we’re running, dancing in a club or meditating. The same can be said for when we’re trying to concentrate on a work task. Our expertly compiled Working from Home playlist (below) will help you get into ‘the zone’ whether you’re doing deep work or mindless admin.