How to find inner peace: 7 things you can do

Inner peace: we all want it, but how do we get it? Before you start searching online for a silent retreat or a personal life coach, why not give these practical tips a try? You’ll find that inner peace isn’t that far out of reach after all.


First things first: what is inner peace?

The words alone evoke a lovely image of calm and enlightenment. But what does inner peace mean to you? In general, what we experience as inner peace is a sense of harmony, emotional well-being and fulfillment in life. It is a place inside you that is unaffected by external influences like money, relationship or work struggles. When you have a sense of inner peace, you accept things as they are, and perhaps more importantly, you accept yourself for who you are.


Why inner peace is so important

Because of the breakneck speed of modern life, things are constantly changing around us. We are bombarded by information and forced to adapt to circumstances at an alarming rate. When you find inner peace, you find your centre: a safe retreat that keeps you grounded no matter what’s going on around you. Your happiness becomes independent from the numbers in your bank account, or the judgments and expectations of others. This place of inner silence allows you to be kinder to yourself and to the world at large.


Sounds amazing, right? And here’s a secret: you can attain this lofty goal by making some small changes to your everyday routines. Try incorporating the following tips into your life and you’ll start feeling an undeniable sense of peace in mind, body and soul.



You already know how much we believe in the power of yoga to improve your life. The fact that it can also help you find inner peace is yet another benefit. By encouraging you to listen to your body and quiet your mind, yoga promotes unity and self-acceptance.




The same goes for meditation. Focusing on your breathing and letting your thoughts go by without judgment creates a place of inner silence: a space inside yourself where you can simply be. No further action required.




The physical and emotional benefits of taking a long, luxurious bath are well-documentedBaths are typically more relaxing than a quick shower (both for your mind and your muscles) and by taking the time to care for yourself a bit more, you’re investing in yourself. All of these things are capable of inspiring inner peace. 




Sometimes, to create inner silence—which leads to inner peace—you need to get everything out of your system. Writing is an excellent way to connect to your thoughts and then let them go. Curious about how? Check out this article.




Ever notice the feeling of calm that comes over you when your surroundings are organised? Decluttering your home helps you rid your life of material things you don’t need; its effects on the mind are similar. Outer peace brings inner peace.




In a recent study conducted in the UK by Scope and reported in an article from Psychology Today, 1500 Facebook and Twitter users were surveyed about the effects social media had on their mental health. An astounding 60% reported that Facebook and/or Twitter caused them to have feelings of inadequacy, while 62% said that they felt jealous when comparing their own lives to the updates they read on social media. Comparing yourself to others is a direct hindrance to inner peace—so try to unplug now and again.




This final tip can encompass so much. From lighting a relaxing scented candle before bed to taking the time to mindfully prepare and eat your meals, slowing down helps you live in the moment. When you’re not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, inner peace isn’t far behind.