Celebrate every moment of summer by living soulfully

Summer vacation is almost here. Whether you’re planning an exotic, faraway trip or staying closer to home, there is one way to ensure you’ll have the best and most memorable holiday yet. Soulful living: the art of finding happiness in the smallest of things.  


Famous author Kurt Vonnegut said it best, which is why you see his words hanging from walls or being shared so often on Instagram. “Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” Thanks to the undeniable presence of smartphones and social media, we share our experiences and special moments with the world via pictures shared on Instagram and Facebook. Because it’s so easy to manipulate these images, each and every one can be adjusted over and over again until it’s perfect. Add a filter, and it makes them even more special—the world at its most beautiful. A summer spent floating on an inflatable unicorn in an infinity pool at an amazing 5-star resort. That kind of thing. And there’s nothing wrong with that! However, this sun-kissed time of year offers so many more happy moments—ones that are possible every single day —allowing you to enjoy a long, wonderful summer. 


Capture the real moment

True happiness isn’t always found in the so-called perfect picture. In fact, most happy people share one thing in common: they embrace the art of soulful living. Living soulfully means slowing down and living in the here and now. To acknowledge that even the smallest of moments can be filled with happiness. Kurt Vonnegut knew this all too well.


The most important aspect of soulful living is focusing your attention on what’s in front of you. By taking the time and effort to be happy about the positive things in your life, you’re sure to experience more well-being and joy. The rays of sunshine that illuminate your face during the golden hour. Playing a board game with the family in a tent on a rainy day. Falling in love with your partner’s crows’ feet or stopping in a field to treat yourself to the beautiful fragrance of wild flowers. Snapshots of these moments can be even more special than that ideal panoramic view from a mountaintop halfway across the world.


Very small, up close and personal. By consciously enjoying daily pleasures and truly absorbing how they make you feel, you won’t just have a wonderful summer: you’ll also be a happier person.


Remember: life is beautiful in its original form, free from filters and selfie sticks. Capture those everyday summer moments that don’t require a passport or a complicated plan. Take photos of your toddler working her messy way through her first chocolate ice cream cone. Steal a candid shot of your friends and family sitting outside together around the barbecue, laughing and loving life. These are the small moments that create beautiful memories, and you can be just as proud of them as your 2-week stay in Bali. Fill your photo album with these kinds of pictures, and you’ll be celebrating every single minute of summer.